Saturday, May 17, 2014


I decided to start up a new blog because I don't write often enough anymore, creatively, philosophically, or otherwise, so hopefully this will help me get back in to practice. This blog is going to be a combination of my philosophical views, as well as just stuff I find cool (music, etc.) that I want to post.  If you decide to follow/read it regularly I would say be forewarned that there is likely to be some long-winded, quite possibly dull (to some), posts on here, so hopefully it can remain interesting to anyone who makes their way here.

If you're curious as to my writings before this blog, you can find my previous blog here, but I felt I wanted to start a new volume and a change in aesthetic. My first major post will likely be coming forth early next week, but in the mean time, I'll leave with a new song by First Aid Kit, a band I've really gotten in to over the past few months, and will be seeing at Bonnaroo this summer.


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